What is Syracuse Build?

An initiative designed to build a more equitable and inclusive workforce that creates opportunities for Syracuse residents in the field of construction and other local trades, serving as a conduit for systemic change by forging partnerships with unions, governmental, and community organizations to redevelop hiring structures and policies.

What is our vision?

An equitable and inclusive workforce of highly trained Syracuse City residents in a community that is economically thriving.

How do we plan to accomplish this?

Workforce Development: Supply highly trained candidates for new construction and local trades project by providing apprenticeship trainings/programming that match the needs of employers. Working with unions, governmental, and community organizations to create new opportunities for employment.

Equitable and Inclusive Workforce: Working with anchoring partners to redevelop hiring structures and polices that identify larger numbers of Syracuse City residents for employment.

Highly Employable Residents: Equip and train Syracuse City residents by providing paid apprenticeship trainings and support services.

Economically Thriving Community: Create access to career paths in the construction field and other local trades for Syracuse City residents that will provide economic stability them and their families.

Are you ready to begin a new career path?

Syracuse Build's requirements are:

  • Resident of the City of Syracuse.
  • Must be age 18 years or older.
  • Enjoy hands-on work, working outdoors and in various environments.
  • Must have physical strength, balance, hand-eye coordination and stamina necessary to complete jobs in various areas.
  • A desire to work on multiple job sites and travel to those sites.